Course Archiving

It’s time to clean house!  We’ve been saving old courses on Sakai for a while, but now we’re going to delete courses that are more than five years old.  You will receive a separate email listing your courses that will be archived. Please download or copy any materials you wish to save, since those courses will be deleted at the end of the summer. 

For guides on archiving content please visit our Course Archiving site.

Planning for the Semester

Revamp Your Course Site 
Preparing for the Spring and want to make sure your Sakai course site is ready to go? We have compiled some useful tutorials to help you out: 

  • Creating a Lesson Template: Watch this short video to learn how to use the Sakai Lessons tool to create consistently designed lessons or module pages within your course site. 
  • Roll Content from Old Course Site: If you want to move course content from an old Sakai course site to the new site, follow these steps. 
  • Add an Image to the Overview Page: If you want to make the Overview page on your Sakai site a little more engaging, follow these steps to add an image to the page. 
  • Learn More About Gradescope, Zoom, etc.: We have many recordings available on a variety of instructional technology topics that will help you get ready for the semester! 
  • ITDP Update Newsletter You will find information about facilitating remote assessments as well as tips and resources to help you prepare for future semesters.

Getting Creative with Remote Assessments
Looking for new ways to assess your students through the online setting? Missed this workshop? See video recording.

Virtual Icebreakers
Looking for a way to “break the ice” with your online or hybrid students? Join us on Zoom and we’ll share some ideas based on the technology available here at PC!
See video recording.