Instructional Continuity

Illness, conferences, inclement weather… these and many other reasons can create the need to cancel or reschedule a class, assignment, or activity. While the occasional snow day may not be a a major set-back in student learning, what happens when you face a winter of endless blizzards, or you need to be out of the classroom for an extended period of time?

Fortunately, many online tools have made it possible for instructors to continue their instruction in spite of these interruptions, ensuring that students continue to learn the materials necessary for the course.

This page is dedicated to outlining some tools and best practices to consider when you hit a bump in the road and need to take your face-to-face class into the online setting.

We have broken this discussion down into four topics, each of which possess links to a multitude of resources for helping you plan and prepare for course cancellations:

1. Setting Student Expectations

2. Planning Ahead

3. Deciding on What Technology to Use

4. Mitigating Sakai Disruptions

Additional resources for remote learning:

If you have any questions about instructional continuity, or would like help planning to implement a tech tool, please contact